When I think christian louboutin shoes on sale of fashion I generally think of trends for women, but men also have trends. Although there is not specific body types for men like there are for women there are ways to dress and look your best if you are a man. I thought since I was providing tips for women I should also provide tips for men. Here are a few recommendations for helping men cover their "flaws."

If you are a man with a short neck you will want to wear a vneck cheap christian louboutin shoes shirt. I really like vneck sweaters from J Crew. I think they have some really stylish sweaters. You can also wear collared shirts with a short collar stand. This means that where the collar is attached is shorter. A short collar stand is generally 1 cm. You can find these at any store.

If you are a man with a long neck, wear a turtleneck or a long pointed collared shirt. I am personally not a fan of turtlenecks. When I think of men in turtlenecks I always think of cheesy guys at Christmas parties. But maybe you can make it work? The only man I know who always wears a turtleneck and sort of pulls it off is Mike Brey the University of Notre Dame's basketball coach. He has been wearing turtlenecks for as long as I remember and they don't look too terrible but it does remind me of Miami Vice. As for long pointed collared shirts these are the shirts where christian louboutin platforms for sale the collar points at the end. You will be required to wear collar stays to help the collar stay pointed but these shirts look nice especially compared to a turtleneck.

Like women, men will definitely complain if they have broad hips. It is difficult to dress to make your hips christian louboutin outletlook smaller, but there are a few options to help. First you can try pants with vertical stripes. This will make your legs look longer and make your hips look longer and thus not as broad. Don't go over board with the stripes. You do not want to look like some mafia gangster but want the stripes to be subtle. You can also wear pleated pants. This brings eye contact to the christian louboutin sandals front and not to the hips. Try to make yourself look leaner and longer and you will definitely get compliments.

Another men's body "flaw" is having a large belly. With large belly's you want to stay clear of knit shirts that will cling to your stomach. You do not want to emphasize that your belly is larger. Undergarments become your best friend if you have a large christian louboutin high pumps belly. Throw a tshirt underneath a dress shirt or sweater. This helps keep your belly in place and creates the illusion that you are slimmer than you are. Select pants that sit at the level of your belly button. If you select pans that are under christian louboutin flats for saleyour belly button your stomach will fall over your pants and thus bring attention to your stomach. Try to wear darker colors to make your self look slimmer. Please keep up the fine work..