Paris Jackson Rushed to Hospital Video She is Michael isabel marant sneakers Jackson's only daughter and early this morning in a eerily reminiscent of her father's final hours she was rushed to the hospital he was an apparent suicide attempt. Being a teenager is difficult under any circumstances imagine how tough it must be for Paris Jackson when her father was alive. She lives in a protective bubble since then she's been thrust into an often harsh spotlight dealing with grief. Bullying at school she says and turmoil at home. Last night it all apparently came to a head and ABC's David Wright. Is on the story. Rarely ever seen and without make up just a few days ago the king of pop's daughters seemed like a typical teenage girl. Armor maintenance and. Videoblogging. Her beauty secrets. about the man of her dreams also Stastny. Many life and behaving well a little goofy a little lonely but not totally out of the norm for a teenage kid. Then days later and you really familiar 911 call. Paris Jackson rushed to the hospital by ambulance at 2 AM from the Jackson family compound. Give up that 820 cutter arm that. The kitchen This was a serious suicide attempt this was not he cried for a hell. What's coming is that there have been other. Attempts at suicide she's troubled young girl what seems to be metro. there's the obvious what there's a lot of trouble swimming All of them it seems stemming pretty directly from the loss of her father. Michael Jackson famously protected his kids trying to shield them from the glare of the spotlight that had robbed him of his childhood. I can take a walk in the park can go to the store can I have to high in the room and feel like in prison. The fourth anniversary of MJ's death is now just a few weeks away. Song It's it's it's. His funeral. Marking the first time Paris Jackson ever spoke in public. Other if you ever imagine. I think for all Michael Jackson was good What we do know he good father he cared deeply. He cared deeply about his kids a heart breaking loss that suddenly thruster into a much more complicated life. It's like living isabel marant pumps in a pinball machines in a lot of ways but does is not a prevalence noted forums. this is not a family that operates in lockstep this is not the hottest this is firmly. With a lot of different people with a lot of solutions can huge success. Ego when the income disparities. In the Paris Jackson has managed to grow into a poised young actress who seems to have inherited her square. dance moves with Ellen DeGeneres and one of her first grown up interviews. Your aim is to get here I would hate your and it's not like isabel marant shoes for sale that and then Alexander valley has yet begun don't feel cool like that and Hello darling. with Oprah Winfrey the fact that she's faced plenty of normal problems including bullying. People tried to bully you. how so. Roll at school improvement and some people try to and whom he try to get things weren't. That doesn't really work that you think a PM and. It's understandable this vulnerable fifteen year old girl. Could suffer from depression but I think it's very very important. To look out for to understand what the warning signs are especially because there's so much excellent. Treatment that's available for children and we really want them all to have happy and productive lives Paris Jackson included. The tabloids have noticed another troubling sign wounds on her wrists that could be explained as self harming. Cutting although no one can say for sure. As upsetting and tragic if these types of incidents are. We'd like to use them as an opportunity. To educate parents and teens. Including multiple trials over who is to blame for Michael Jackson's premature death. First his doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter for prescribing a lethal dose of pro bush Currently his concert promoter AEG live. Jackson's mother and three children are the plaintiffs in a wrongful death lawsuit worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Paris Jackson was deposed in the case she was expected to testify in fact. At the start of the trial many expected she'd be the star with. Clearly the ones who were going to be most compelling I think are the kids. End I would expect that they will do well on my experience with them is now it's been years since interactions with them but. I was always impressed even at a young age at how grounded they were. Intelligent quick Smart. Today Jackson family lawyer insisted she's under no pressure to testify Jackson family and Jackson lawyers are putting no pressure. On regarding this case at all. It is who was putting this case at back door. And even the defense attorney offered words of sympathy for the troubled girl who's now suing his client I think it really would be so much and everybody's best interest to leave that portal girl alone. The case is full of lurid details about the demons that haunted Michael Jackson toward the end of his life. Until now Katherine Jackson has been at the courthouse every day but Jackson's children have not been there wants. But intelligent young lady she's got access to the Internet she knows what's going. And it's very painful to a child who their father all of deep dark dirty stuff is coming out. In that context perhaps it's not surprising she recently reached out to her birth mother Debbie Rowe. Or that her Twitter feed these past few days has been full of song lyrics sad songs mostly about heartbreak and loss. Perhaps another cry for help no one hurt. Very important for parents and teachers to be on the alert. For signs and symptoms and to seek to get these kids the kind of help that they really Among those two weeks barely 24 hours ago this lyric. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here Tuesday a Beatles tune she ironically as part of Michael Jackson's estate. Little girl who has everything but it saved and has nothing. Nothing that you want the most I'm David Wright for Nightline in Hollywood.

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