VMA Meat Dress Signify Lady Gaga took a cue from her cover photo shoot from Vogue Hommes Japan and wore a meat dress to the VMAs last night. What did the dress mean to Gaga, cheap giuseppe zanotti women sandals if anything?

The dress was much more over the top than the meat bikini she wore for the cover. It implemented more meat, naturally as it covered more of her body, but she also paired it with a meat purse and a pair of giuseppe zanotti sale meat boots.

Was Gaga trying to provoke thought? Or maybe she was trying to provoke PETA or was she trying to make a giuseppe zanotti women pumps for sale statement much deeper than any of us could have thought?

We might not truly know if the dress was real meat, but it seems that Cher has an idea. After all, Giuseppe ZanottiGaga asked her to hold her meat purse (which was likely a comment made so giuseppe zanotti women sneakers that we all were aware that she had covered herself in meat once again.)

It was only afterward at the Ellen segment of the VMAs that we learned why Gaga wore the meat dress giuseppe zanotti outlet and meat bikini. She stated that If we dont stand up for what we believe in, if we dont fight for our rights, pretty soon we are going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. She held up the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan and added that I am not a piece of meat.

Gaga made quite a statement, but her verbal statement was far more profound than the fashion one. The sad thing is that unless one saw http://www.lhbon.com/ the Ellen segment, the meaning behind the dress was totally lost and chalked up to value and being meaningless. Pity, really, when she clearly had other plans for it.